Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, GRASSBuilt is 100% Made in the USA with raw fibers derived from Colombian Guadua bamboo.

To qualify as being “Made in the USA” any product must be “all or virtually all” made in the U.S.

We source our raw Guadua bamboo fibers from Colombia where it grows naturally and indigenously.

Once the raw fibers are harvested and dried, they are sent to our plant in Meridian, Mississippi, where they are further rendered, and then turned into high-quality engineered building material — all through our proprietary manufacturing systems.

Read more about this here. 

Our goal with GRASSBuilt, consistent with our commitment to sustainability, is to have the lowest emitting bamboo product available in the world.  We have completed extensive adhesive research and have developed a resin that will provide optimal physical properties while keeping emissions to an absolute minimum.  The California Air Resources Board formaldehyde regulation (CARB – ATCM 93120) provides an exemption for products that meet a very low threshold of 0.05ppm or less.

Based on our initial testing, GRASSBuilt falls significantly below this threshold at .o1ppm, and we plan to have this emission characteristic certified by a CARB-recognized third party laboratory so we may publish our emission characteristics.